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July 22nd, 2017 by Staff Writer

The five teens who taunted a disabled man while videotaping his drowning in a Florida pond earlier this month — never making an attempt to assist him — will now face charges.

“That video is disturbing,” Cocoa Police Chief Mike Cantaloupe said during a Friday press conference. “I don’t even know if I can think of words to describe it.”

Authorities originally indicated the teens — who range in age from 14 to 18 — couldn’t be charged since they weren’t directly involved in the July 9 death of 31-year-old Jamel Dunn, and state law doesn’t require bystanders to intervene when someone is in distress.

Jamel Dunn (Image source: CBS News video screenshot)
Jamel Dunn (Image source: CBS News video screenshot)

“I want to think that’s a natural instinct for any of us, that if we saw somebody in trouble or somebody having an issue, that we would at least try to get them help,” Cantaloupe added.

But police said they’ll pursue a misdemeanor charge of failure to report a death under Florida Statute 406.12 — and whether the charges stick or not will be up to the State Attorney’s Office.

“It’s our belief that this law has never been enforced in a scenario like this, but we feel it could be applicable,” Cantaloupe said, adding that “what it comes down to is it’s a moral issue.”

“There is absolutely no justification for what the teens did,” he added. “Pursuing criminal charges is a way to hold them accountable for their own actions.”

The chief also told WKMG-TV Friday he plans to meet with legislators to get a law passed that requires bystanders to try to help those in distress.

“I think that would be the huge win, I think that would be justice,” he told the station. “We don’t want another family to go through what the Dunn family has gone through.”

Image source: WKMG-TV video screenshot
Image source: WKMG-TV video screenshot

On the clip the teens — who’ve been interviewed by police but haven’t been identified — can be heard giggling and taunting Dunn who struggled to keep his head above water.

Here’s some of what they yelled at him:

“You a f***in’ junkie!”

“Get out the water, you gonna die!”

“We not gonna help your ass!”

“Ain’t nobody’s gonna to help you, you dumb bitch! You shouldn’t of got in there!”

At one point Dunn was clearly heard crying out before his head went under the water — and that was the moment the teens seemed to enjoy most, as they responded with laughter and more mocking commentary.

“He just died!” one said amid cackling.

“This man ain’t getting back up,” one said soon after.

“Yeah, he dead, but he gone,” another noted. “RIP.”

The teens then left the area without alerting authorities, Florida Today reported.

Dunn’s fiancée filed a missing person report after he didn’t come home in Cocoa, the paper said. But after his badly decomposed body was found July 14 — a passerby reported a floating body in the pond, police noted — Florida Today said a family friend saw the video on social media and turned it over to authorities. The medical examiner determined the cause of death was drowning, police said.

Image source: WKMG-TV video screenshot
Image source: YouTube screenshot

There was nary a hint of sorrow or regret from the teen boys.

“There was no remorse, only a smirk,” Yvonne Martinez, a spokeswoman for the Cocoa Police Department, told the paper.

Detectives said one of the teens just stared ahead during the questioning, Florida Today reported, adding that his mother sat next to him and broke down in tears over the situation.

There also are concerns over the teens’ safety as word spreads about the incident, Florida Today said.

Simone Scott, who identified herself as Dunn’s sister, noted on social media she’s upset over how her brother died.

“I agree they don’t have to help, but they should have called 9-1-1,” Scott posted, the paper reported, adding that she wrote “my brother is disabled and walks with a cane … please make it make sense to me.”

Police said no charges can be filed against five teenagers who not only did nothing to assist a disabled man who was crying for help in a Florida pond (pictured) earlier this month, but they also videotaped him drown and taunted and laughed at him in the process. (Image source: WKMG-TV video screenshot)
Image source: WKMG-TV video screenshot

A family friend said Dunn was the father of two young daughters and was known to be giving to others, Florida Today added. His family posted a GoFundMe page to help cover funeral expenses.

Police told the paper that Dunn arrived at the pond after an argument with his fiancée.

“The kids were at the park that day smoking marijuana and apparently saw him walk into the water,” Martinez told Florida Today. “He walked in on his own. They were watching him.”

Police said Dunn went into the water willingly and that a nearby home security camera shows him scaling a fence and intentionally entering the pond.

Dunn’s fiancée, Rondanielle Williams, asked WESH-TV, “How could nothing in your heart tell you not to do anything when someone’s crying out for help, and you’re telling them that you’re not gonna help them?”

Image source: YouTube screenshot
Image source: YouTube screenshot

“They just started recording what happened and watched until he died,” Martinez said. “Everybody is just horrified by this.”

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July 17th, 2017 by Staff Writer

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) doesn’t believe the Senate will repeal Obamacare and pass a health care replacement bill anytime soon. Paul offered the sobering update over the weekend during an appearance on “Fox News Sunday.”

When asked if he believes Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has enough votes to pass an Obamacare replacement, Paul said he doesn’t believe McConnell does.

“You know, I don’t think right now he does,” Paul said.

“The real problem we have is that we won four elections on repealing Obamacare but [the Senate GOP’s replacement bill] keeps most of Obamacare taxes, keeps most of the regulations, keeps most of the subsidies and creates something that Republicans have never been for and that’s a giant insurance bailout superfund,” Paul explained. “That’s not a Republican idea to give taxpayer money to a private industry that already makes $15 billion in profit.”

When asked by show host Chris Wallace what course of action Republicans should take should they fail to pass health care reform, Paul suggested they repeal Obamacare and its taxes, regulations and mandates then worry about passing a replacement bill later.

“What I’ve suggested to the president…if this comes to an impasse, I think if the president jumps into the fray and says ‘Look guys, you promised to repeal it, let’s just repeal what we can agree to,’” Paul explained. “And then we can continue to try to fix, replace or whatever has to happen afterwards.”

“But the one thing we should do is try to repeal as many of the taxes, as many of the regulations and as many of the mandates as we possibly can,” Paul emphasized, noting that he’s optimistic for compromise to come to Senate Republicans.

Paul explained that he can’t currently support the Senate’s health care bill because it keeps the heart of Obamacare alive, which Paul called the bill’s “fundamental flaw.”

“Mandates on insurance cause prices to rise and young, healthy people then say ‘Ill wait until I get sick [to buy insurance].’ And then the insurance pool gets sicker and sicker — it’s called adverse selection, we also call it the ‘death spiral,’” Paul said. “The Republican plan admits that it will continue.”

“The Republican plan doesn’t fix the death spiral of Obamacare, it simply subsidizes it,” Paul explained.

McConnell over the weekend announced that any vote on a health care replacement would be postponed until Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) returns to Washington. McCain is recovering at home in Arizona after undergoing surgery on Friday for a blood clot above his left eye.

.@RandPaul: “I don’t think Republicans should put their name on this [bill].”

— Fox News (@FoxNews) July 16, 2017

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July 9th, 2017 by Staff Writer

A panel between conservative commentator Ben Shapiro and a representative for the Council on American-Islamic Relations blew up Friday.

The discussion came on Fox News and centered around controversial comments that Shariah law advocate Linda Sarsour recently made, when she called on Americans to wage “jihad” against President Donald Trump.

Sarsour said at an event late last month:

And I hope that we, when we stand up to those who oppress our communities, that Allah accepts us from us that as a form of jihad, that we are struggling against tyrants and rulers, not only abroad in the Middle East or on the other side of the world, but here, in these United States of America, where you have fascists and white supremacists and Islamophobes reigning in the White House.”

Florida CAIR director Hassan Shibly defended those comments during his fiery discussion with Shapiro, which was moderated by Fox News host Dana Perino. Shibly claimed Sarsour’s comments were taken out-of-context and said that “jihad” actually means “to struggle for good.”

“She was very clear that it’s our duty as Americans and as Muslims to but forward our best effort and to struggle to speak truth to power, to help the disenfranchised, to stand for the oppressed to matter the cost is of speaking out. And she’s actually paying the price of speaking out and calling out the Trump administration’s attacks on minorities, attacks against woman,” Shibly said. “Linda is a revolutionary American-Muslim proud hijab-sporting activist and we stand with her, we’re proud of the tremendous work she’s doing.”

Shapiro, however, vehemently disagreed.

“I don’t think anybody is claiming that she openly called for violence against President Trump, but jihad means more than “internal struggle” or “struggle for good,” Shapiro explained. “We all know there are terrorists all over the world who invoke the word “jihad” as justification for what they do — and Linda Sarsour knows that too. She knows how to make a headline. She’s a radical anti-Semite who has backed terrorists in the past.”

That’s when Shibly forcibly interrupted Shapiro and directed him not to “smear” Sarsour because she wasn’t present to defend herself.

“You just don’t like a vocal Muslim-American woman proudly standing for justice. Don’t smear a woman who’s not here to defend herself,” he said. “Shame on you.”

Then Shapiro turned the tables on Shibly.

“Fine, I’ll talk about CAIR instead. CAIR is an organization that was an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial in 2007,” Shapiro explained.

“Right, shift the topic!” Shibly shot back. “Don’t try to drown out the conversation.”

Perino, who was filling in for regular show host Martha MacCallum, tried to reign the conversation back into a peaceful debate. She asked Shibly why Sarsour would use the word “jihad” given the strings attached to it.

Shibly’s response left Perino and Shapiro nearly speechless.

“Well, that’s why it’s so important that she used that word because we must reclaim that word from the extremists that have misdefined it and misrepresented it,” Shibly said.

“What?!” Perino said back, surprised while Shapiro chuckled.

“The only way we can reclaim our words, and reclaim our language is by leaders proudly and unapologetically using it in the right context so we can show the world what jihad really means,” Shibly explained.

Perino said it’s “too late” for Muslims to “reclaim” the word, but Shibly disagreed. That’s when Shapiro issued Shibly a challenge: as a CAIR representative, condemn the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization with terrorism ties.

But Shibly refused to do so and accused Shapiro of trying to “distort” their conversation. As the discussion came to a close, Perino gave that last word to Shapiro.

“If you want to reclaim the word ‘jihad,’ you should start by condemning organizations that promote jihad all over the world instead of associating with them,” he said, before Shibly interrupted him again.

“Jihad doesn’t mean terrorism,” Shibly said.

“Then condemn organizations that participate in it,” Shapiro shot back. “This is not hard.”

Watch the contentious back-and-forth below:

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July 3rd, 2017 by Staff Writer

A CNN panel completely imploded Sunday afternoon when a discussion over President Donald Trump’s controversial tweets descended into a shouting match.

Trump ignited controversy Sunday when he tweeted a video of himself literally taking down “CNN.” The video was from a WrestleMania appearance Trump made back in 2007. But CNN’s logo was superimposed on one of the wrestler’s heads, and Trump took that wrestler to the ground and began beating him.

Many have accused Trump of inciting violence against the media with his tweet. CNN political commentator Ana Navarro said Trump’s tweets will cause someone to murder a member of the media, while others called for his impeachment. Trump was even compared to brutal dictators for his tweets.

But Trump’s supporters said Sunday that the tweet was a mere joke and shouldn’t cause alarm. CNN political commentator Kayleigh McEnany hammered home that point Sunday during a panel with CNN anchor Brian Stetler and liberal CNN political commentator Sally Kohn.

“I think it was intended as a tongue-in-cheek, satirical video. Nothing serious,” McEnany said, explaining, however, that she wouldn’t have advised the president to tweet the video.

McEnany explained that she believes Trump definitely has a right to criticize the media. After all, according to Trump and his supporters, the media is biased against Trump, so he has a right to defend himself.

Indeed, according to a Harvard study, more than 90 percent of CNN’s coverage of Trump during his first 100 days as president was negative. That’s in addition to the wild anti-Trump political rhetoric that has dominated the news since he was elected president last November.

But Kohn took serious issue with McEnany’s point.

“I actually can’t believe that this is happening. But, um, it was Donald Trump who said Barack Obama wasn’t a citizen of this country. It was Republicans who said he had a Kenyan-colonialist mindset that literally questioned his legitimacy to even be in the White House,” Kohn said.

When McEnany tried to respond, Kohn completely went off.

“I can’t believe you can defend this! I mean, really?” she questioned. “Is there, is there…so my question is there no line? Like, if that had been a picture not of a CNN logo…but it had been Jake Tapper’s head he was punching, would that cross a line for you? What if it was a picture of Donald Trump holding a bloodied CNN logo up?”

“When does it cross the line?!” Kohn screamed.

“Sally, you appear to have a listening problem, Sally,” McEnany responded. “Because I said it was not advisable for him to send that out.”

“And you defended it!” Kohn shot back. “And you defended it. You said it was just a joke.”

“I said it was not advisable,” McEnany reiterated. “Yes it was just a joke. And by the way, you should take an inward look because the Hollywood liberal elite are the ones calling for the assassination of the president.”

McEnany was referring to Hollywood superstar Johnny Depp, who recently came under fire after he appeared to call for the assassination of Trump. Depp later apologized.

“There is a difference—” Kohn tried to say several times as she and McEnany talked over one another as McEnany cited many instances where liberals appeared to support violence being used against Trump.

Watch the explosive exchange below:

Trump has ramped up his rhetoric against the media on Twitter in recent days to previously unseen levels. On Saturday, he labeled CNN “garbage journalism” and slammed MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough. He even labeled Brzezinski “dumb as a rock Mika.”

Also on Saturday, Trump said he would change his nickname of CNN from “fake news CNN” to “fraud news CNN.”

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June 18th, 2017 by Staff Writer

A spokesman for embattled comedian Bill Cosby, who has been accused of rape and sexual misconduct by dozens of women, sent a stern message to the lawyers of Cosby’s accusers Saturday, including famed attorney Gloria Allred.

It was announced Saturday that the jury in the case against Cosby was deadlocked, so the judge declared a mistrial. But as Cosby exited the courtroom, spokesman Andrew Wyatt sent a powerful message to the gathered media.

Declaring several times that Cosby once again has “power,” Wyatt mocked the lawyers representing the alleged victims, saying that Allred and the other attorneys need to go back to law school.

“Mr. Cosby’s power is back — it’s back. It has been restored,” Wyatt said. “The jurors, they used their power to speak and Mrs. Cosby’s power is back.”

“So the legacy didn’t go anywhere. It has been restored,” he added. “So for all of those attorneys who conspired like Gloria Allred, tell them to go back to law school and take another class.”

Wyatt wasn’t the only person to bash the attorneys after the trial.

A second Cosby spokesperson read a statement written by Cosby’s wife, Camille, who slammed the prosecutors, attorneys and judge in the case.

Cosby spokesperson says Bill Cosby’s “power is back” after mistrial, tells Gloria Allred to “go back to law school”

— ABC News (@ABC) June 17, 2017

From the New York Daily News:

“How do I describe the district attorney? Heinously and exploitively ambitious,” she said in a written statement. “How do I describe the judge? Overtly arrogant in collaborating with the district attorney.”

Camille continued to describe Cosby’s accusers as “totally unethical” and the media “as blatanly vicious entities that continually disseminated intentional omissions of truth for the primary purpose of greedily selling sensationalism at the expense of human life.”

In Saturday’s case, Cosby was on trail for allegedly drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand in his Philadelphia home in 2004.

The jury was comprised of five women and seven men. Prosecutors have said they plan to re-try the case.

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June 11th, 2017 by Staff Writer

The goal of the government establishment parading former FBI Director James Comey before the Senate Intelligence Community on Thursday was to remove President Donald Trump from office, according to Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

Carlson explained in a monologue on his show Friday that because Trump is still in office, Comey’s testimony failed to trigger its desired effect.

“As of 8 PM Eastern Time tonight, Donald Trump is still the President of the United States, and that means that on the most basic level, Comey’s testimony failed to achieve its goal. Make no mistake, removing Trump from office was the goal,” Carlson said.

For months, Democrats have alleged that Trump’s presidential campaign colluded with Russian operatives to undermine Hillary Clinton’s campaign and American democracy. But according to Carlson, nobody in Washington “actually believes” that. Instead, they use the Trump-Russia narrative as a means to try to expel Trump from the White House.

To prove his point, Carlson went on to explain that last summer during the height of the presidential campaign and before the Russia narrative blew wide open, progressives trying to keep Trump from the White House tried to paint him as a racist.

“Trump was supposed to be the biggest racist since Bull Connor,” Carlson quipped.

The Fox host said that Hillary Clinton based her entire campaign strategy on the “Trump is racist” narrative and lost because it turned out to not be true.

Once that narrative fell on its face, Carlson said some creative person came up with the narrative that “Trump is a traitor.”

“A Russian agent posing as a 70-year-old New York real-estate developer,” Carlson said. “It sounded kinda far-fetched, but for some reason it kinda worked. Half the country seemed to buy it and 100 percent of CNN viewers were all in.”

“It’s been all [Russian President Vladimir] Putin since then,” he added.

Now that the Trump-Russia narrative has begun to fall apart thanks to testimony made by Comey and others, Carlson explained that progressives are trying to paint Attorney General Jeff Sessions as a Russian spy.

Carlson pointed out that zero evidence has surfaced to prove the allegations made by Democrats: that Trump or key members of his administration, like Sessions, somehow colluded with Russian operatives to undermine American democracy.

Still, that hasn’t stopped Democratic leaders, like Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), from calling on Sessions to resign, which proves the real motive behind their words and actions, Carlson said.

“Again, this is not about truth or fairness, much less protecting this country from foreign threats — it’s about toppling, let’s not lie about it, a democratically elected government that the permanent class in Washington doesn’t like,” he explained.

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June 5th, 2017 by Staff Writer

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace grilled former Vice President and climate change alarmist Al Gore Sunday over claims he made in his popular 2006 documentary “An Inconvenient Truth.”

The more than 10-minute interview was mostly civil until Wallace confronted Gore over the faulty claims. Wallace reminded Gore that in his documentary he claimed that unless the world “took drastic measures the world would reach a point of no return within 10 years.”

Wallace added that in his publicity of the movie, Gore claimed that if the world didn’t act, man-made global warming would result in a “true planetary emergency.”

Many predictions made by scientists and other climate change alarmists like Gore have failed to come true. For example, in 2007 Gore predicted that the summer Arctic ice in the North Pole would completely disappear by 2013 due to global warming caused by carbon dioxide emissions.

That, however, never came true. The same can be said for many of Gore’s claims and that’s exactly what Wallace confronted him over.

“Weren’t you wrong?” Wallace asked.

“No,” Gore replied. “Well we have seen a decline in emissions on a global basis. For the first time they’ve stabilized and started to decline. So some of the responses for the last 10 years have helped, but unfortunately and regrettably a lot of serious damage has been done.”

“Greenland, for example, has been losing one cubic kilometer of ice every single day. I went down to Miami and saw fish from the ocean swimming in the streets on a sunny day. The same thing was true in Honolulu just two days ago, just from high tides because of the sea level rise now,” he added.

Gore went on to explain that the world is now only going to face “some” of the many consequences he once warned about.

“We are going to suffer some of these consequences, but we can limit and avoid the most catastrophic consequences if we accelerate the pace of change that’s now beginning,” Gore said.

Among other predictions Gore made that never came true was his claim that storms would become more intense and the world would see stronger hurricanes on a more frequent basis. He also claimed Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa would lose it’s snowpack by 2016. But that also hasn’t happened — and it’s not even close.

Watch Gore’s interview below. The relevant portion begins around the 8:30 mark:

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May 29th, 2017 by Staff Writer

The suspect who is believed to have murdered eight people, including two children and a sheriff’s deputy, in Mississippi Saturday evening confessed his crimes to a newspaper reporter on camera.

Willie Corey Godbolt, 35, of Bogue Chitto, Mississippi, is suspected of murdering eight people in a rampage Saturday evening that ended in the town of Brookhaven in rural Mississippi about 70 miles south of Jackson.

“I ain’t fit to live, not after what I done,” Godbolt, handcuffed and surrounded by police officers, told a reporter with the Clarion-Ledger.

According to the Associated Press, the rampage began at Godbolt’s in-laws’ house in Bouge Chitto after a Lincoln County Sheriff’s deputy arrived when a neighbor called 911 over a domestic disturbance. That’s when Godbolt allegedly shot and killed the deputy and three women at the residence.

Then Godbolt allegedly murdered two young boys at a second location, before shooting and killing another woman and man at a third location.

But, according to Godbolt, he never intended to kill anyone.

“My pain wasn’t designed for him. He was just there,” Godbolt told the Clarion-Ledger reporter of the sheriff’s deputy. He added:

We was talking about me taking my children, and her sister and auntie called the police. I was having a conversation with her stepdaddy and her momma, and her, my wife, about me taking my children home, and somebody called the officer. People who didn’t even live at the house. But that’s what they do. They intervene. They cost him his life. I’m sorry.

When asked by the reporter what was next for him, Godbolt frankly replied, “death.”

“My intentions was to have ya’ll to kill me,” he explained of the police. “I ran out of bullets. Suicide by cop was my intention.”

“I ain’t fit to live. Not after what I done. Not in ya’ll eyes and not in nobody else’s eyes,” Godbolt added. “But God, he forgives you for everything.”

According to the Clarion-Ledger, Godbolt has been charged with one count of aggravated murder and seven counts of first-degree murder.

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May 22nd, 2017 by Staff Writer

Dozens of Notre Dame graduates walked out of their commencement ceremony on Sunday in an apparent protest of the commencement speaker, Vice President Mike Pence.

Video shows that once a university administrator finished his introduction of Pence, students — many of whom were adorned in some form of rainbow colors, the universal symbol of support for LGBT people — began walking out of the area were graduates were seated.

Immediately, noise from the crowd increased and people could be heard cheering and “booing.” It’s not clear if the booing was directed at Pence or the students walking out.

Meanwhile, Pence began his speech unfazed by the student protesters.

“It’s deeply humbling for me to participate in the 172nd commencement in Notre Dame’s 175th year,” Pence said as students filed out of the school’s football stadium, where the commencement ceremony was held.


However, the walk out wasn’t necessarily a surprise. A campus group, WeStandforND, vowed the walk out and protest days before Sunday’s commencement. They said in a statement they planned to protest Pence mainly over his stances on same-sex marriage, immigration and his support of President Donald Trump — which the group alleged doesn’t aline with the Catholic faith.

More from USA Today:

“The participation and degree-conferring of VP Pence stand as an endorsement of policies and actions which directly contradict Catholic social teachings and values and target vulnerable members of the University’s community,” Notre Dame student Xitlaly Estrada of WeStandforND said in a release.

It must be noted that Catholics believe God designed marriage as a covenant between one man and one woman.

Pence, who previously served as governor of Indiana before heading to the White House, blasted the progressive policies and ideas sweeping college campuses across the nation in his speech.

The vice president decried “safe zones” and “speech codes” as “destructive of learning and the pursuit of knowledge, and they are wholly outside the American tradition.”

“As you, our youth, are the future, and universities the bellwether of thought and culture, I would submit that the increasing intolerance and suppression of the time-honored tradition of free expression on our campuses jeopardizes the liberties of every American,” Pence said. “This should not and must not be met with silence.”

During the commencement ceremony, the university also awarded Pence an honorary law degree.

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May 21st, 2017 by Staff Writer

Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister uttered a phrase Saturday that will surely enrage liberals and remind them of their loss in last year’s presidential election.

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said during a press conference with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Saturday that a productive relationship between the U.S. and the Islamic world could “drain the swamp” of Islamic extremism, which currently plagues the Middle East, South East Asia, Northern Africa and other pockets of the world.

“If we can change the conversation in the Islamic world from enmity towards the U.S. to partnership with the U.S. and if we can change the conversation in the U.S. and in the West from enmity towards the Islamic world to one of partnership … we will have drained the swamp from which extremism and terrorism emanates,” al-Jubeir said.

Saudi Foreign Minister: By changing conversation btw. West, Islam from enmity to partnership, we will “have drained the swamp” of extremism.

— ABC News Politics (@ABCPolitics) May 20, 2017

“Drain the swamp” is a phrase used mostly in American politics dating back to the early 20th century. It was most recently coined by President Donald Trump during his campaign for the White House last year.

While on the campaign trail, Trump routinely promised to “drain the swamp” of the entrenched Washington establishment, lobbyists and other power brokers that for too long have controlled the nation’s capital and political system.

To fulfill his promise to “drain the swamp,” Trump announced plans for Washington ethics reforms, lobbyist reforms and plans to repeal laws passed by the Washington establishment, such as Obamacare.

The phrase represented all that Trump wanted his campaign to be — nationalistic, populistic, and one that represented the “little guy” that Washington forgot about — and quickly became diametrically opposed to what Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton represented.

Indeed, in many eyes, the 2016 presidential election became a choice between either draining the swamp or leaving it intact.

Still, the phrase isn’t one that’s used outside of American politics and its resurface in Riyadh during Trump’s first foreign trip as president may be enough to give a liberal or two a little post-traumatic stress disorder.

Al-Jubeir’s comments came during a joint press conference with Tillerson where the two discussed Trump inking a $110 billion arms deal with the Islamic kingdom. Tillerson said the deal would lessen the need for U.S. intervention in Middle East conflicts, while bolstering Saudi Arabia’s ability to fight extremism groups.

Saturday marked the first day of Trump’s 9-day foreign trip. In addition to Saudi Arabia, Trump is also slated to make stops in Israel, Italy and Belgium before coming back to the U.S. at the end of next week.

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May 15th, 2017 by Staff Writer

Veteran NBC anchor Tom Brokaw, who for years hosted “NBC Nightly News,” chided the mainstream media last week during a discussing over President Donald Trump choosing to fire James Comey as director of the FBI.

Critics argue that Trump fired Comey in order to hide an alleged connection to Russia, arguing that Trump was unable to handle the FBI’s widening probe into the alleged connection. However, the claims that Trump’s presidential campaign colluded with Russia have thus far been unsubstantiated with concrete evidence.

Still, the Richard Nixon Presidential Library trolled Trump’s decision on Twitter last week following the move.

“FUN FACT: President Nixon never fired the Director of the FBI,” the library tweeted.

FUN FACT: President Nixon never fired the Director of the FBI #FBIDirector #notNixonian

— RichardNixonLibrary (@NixonLibrary) May 9, 2017

Speaking on her MSNBC show Thursday, NBC News anchor Andrea Mitchell noted the “Nixonian” analogies being used by the media and others, mostly Democrats, who are comparing what Trump did in firing Comey to some of the criminal acts Nixon committed as president, such as the Watergate scandal.

But Brokaw disagreed with the comparison. He also cautioned Mitchell and others in the mainstream media in assuming facts that don’t exist in Trump’s firing of Comey.

“One of the things that I learned during Watergate … is that we dealt with it every day on a factual basis. There was not a lot of speculation. Now, of course, the media landscape has changed a lot, and we have that going on 24/7,” Brokaw explained. “I do think, however, that all of us as reporters wherever we are … have to take a deep breath and say let’s deal with the facts as we know them at this point.”

Brokaw then went on to educate Mitchell on the differences between Watergate and what Trump did, explaining that “Watergate was a criminal enterprise run out of the Oval Office.”

“There’s a big difference between that and what we’re dealing with now,” Brokaw said.

Brokaw continued:

Having said that, there are a lot of elements here that desperately need more explanation, more investigation. I haven’t run into anybody yet who thinks that Jim Comey was doing a good job as the FBI director, beginning last summer.

And then as you’ll remember, Hillary Clinton and others in the Democratic Party all but blamed him for her loss. Now they’re defending him as the champion. So there’s a lot of confusion going on here.

For the 77-year-old journalist, covering Comey’s firing comes down to just one simple task: “Our obligation I think is to sort it out, truth from fact, and deal with the truth.”

Watch Brokaw’s comments below:

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May 8th, 2017 by Staff Writer

Professor Jonathan Gruber, who is the chief architect of Obamacare, attempted to blame the law’s failures on President Donald Trump on Sunday.

During a segment on “Fox News Sunday” where host Chris Wallace noted the recent Obamacare premium hikes and the fact that health insurance companies are dropping from the marketplace, Gruber tried to pin Obamacare’s failures on Trump.

Noting that in Iowa all but five counties have only one insurance company — Medica, who said recently they are considering leaving the Iowan marketplace completely — Wallace said that Iowans, like many Americans, are facing a severe shortage of health insurance options thanks to Obamacare.

But according to Gruber, Trump is the man to blame.

“Look, and whose fault is this?” Gruber said. “Before President Trump was elected, there were no counties in America that did not have an insurer.”

Gruber tried to bury his outrageous claim by moving on, but Wallace wasn’t having it.

“Wait, wait, wait, wait,” Wallace interrupted. “Wait, you’re going to blame the problems with Obamacare on President Trump?”

Indeed, Gruber was. He went on to say that Obamacare was working fine before Trump “undercut” the Obamacare enrollment and renegaded on the “obligations [Obamacare] makes to the insurers.”

“And as a result, premiums are going up and insurers are exiting,” Gruber added.

However, that isn’t exactly the truth. Health care premiums under Obamacare have been going up for years. To make matters worse, and to make health insurance even more unaffordable, plans today come with insane deductibles, making many plans useless.

But it was announced last October that Obamacare premiums would skyrocket an average of 24 percent in 2017, while some states, like Arizona, saw increases up to 116 percent — long before Trump was in the White House or even elected president.

Gruber wasn’t able to make many more accusations before Wallace had to move the segment along.

Still, during the rest of the 11-minute segment, Gruber further blamed Obamacare’s collapse on Trump, saying that Trump’s election last November caused “massive uncertainty” in the marketplace, causing premiums to go up and insurers to exit the marketplace.

He also claimed that before Trump, health insurance companies were making a profit and happy with Obamacare. This, however, is demonstrably false.

Watch the segment below:

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April 23rd, 2017 by Staff Writer

Bill Nye, known for his 1990’s science kid’s show who has since become an outspoken advocate on “climate change,” accused CNN of doing a “disservice” to its audience on Saturday by having a real scientist on their network to discuss climate change.

The CNN “New Day Saturday” panel, which included Nye and William Happer, a physicist at Princeton University,” became heated after Happer said the climate change that Nye talks about is a “myth.”

“There’s this myth that’s developed around carbon dioxide that it’s a pollutant, but you and I both exhale carbon dioxide with every breath. Each of us emits about two pounds of carbon dioxide a day, so are we polluting the planet?” Happer, who has advised President Donald Trump on climate issues, said.

“Carbon dioxide is a perfectly natural gas, it’s just like water vapor, it’s something that plants love. They grow better with more carbon dioxide, and you can see the greening of the earth already from the additional carbon dioxide in the atmosphere,” he explained.

Nye hit back and said Happer didn’t understand the “rate,” or speed at which carbon dioxide is entering the atmosphere. Then he ripped CNN for not having only climate change alarmists on their network.

“And I will say, much as I love the CNN, you’re doing a disservice by having one climate change skeptic and not 97 or 98 scientists or engineers concerned about climate change,” Nye said.

When asked why he’s a skeptic, Happer — a real scientist — explained that climate change alarmism is built on a dishonest foundation.

“Let me point out that science is not like passing a law,” he said. “You don’t have a vote to say how many are for the law of gravity and how many are against — it’s based on observations. And if you observe what’s happening to, for example, the temperature, the temperature is not rising nearly as fast as the alarmist computer models predicted. It’s much, much less — factors of two or three less. So the whole basis for the alarmism is not true, it’s based on flawed computer modeling.”

Nye, who is not a real scientist, immediately shot back at Happer.

“That’s completely wrong,” Nye shot back. “He’s cherry picking a certain model. The heat ended up in the ocean. This is not controversial in mainstream science, everybody.”

Bill Nye has contentious exchange with a physicist about the legitimacy of climate change on CNN. (Kena Betancur/Getty Images)
(Kena Betancur/Getty Images)

Nye added that he “encourages” everyone to look at the facts. For years, climate change alarmists said the polar ice caps would melt completely by the mid-2010’s causing the sea levels to rise by meters, which would then put low-lying coastal areas across the world under water. None of these things ever happened. In fact, ocean waters have not warmed on an overall average basis, despite claims made by people like Nye and former Vice President Al Gore.

Not only that, but a recent National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the government agency that monitors the climate, whistleblower said the agency for years manipulated climate data for political reasons — meaning to show that climate change is happening when it really isn’t.

Still, Nye spouted his talking points and lectured Happer for being a “climate change denier.”

He said:

I encourage you to cut this out so we can move forward and make the United States a world leader in technology. We want advanced wind turbines…advanced concentrated energy plants. If we were to do that, we would have at least 3 million new jobs in the United States that could not be outsourced. We would not need to have our military on the other of the world defending what people call “our oil.” We could move forward and we could export this technology. We could be world leaders in this instead of wringing our hands and cherry picking data and pretending that this problem that’s obvious to the scientific community but it is somehow not obvious to you.

Later in the interview, Happer said the Trump administration should back out of the 2016 Paris Agreement, a global agreement made last year on greenhouse gas emissions. Happer compared the agreement to former British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s appeasements of Germany dictator Adolf Hitler in 1938, known as the Munich Agreement.

That agreement allowed Hitler to take over territory in what was then Czechoslovakia known as the “Sudetenland.” Hitler said he wanted the territory because it was occupied mainly by Germans and Austrians. We now know, however, that it was just one more step in Hitler’s plan to begin conquering Europe.

The comparison Happer made stunned Nye and the CNN hosts, who demanded that Happer explain his comparison.

“It is an appropriate comparison because it was a treaty that was not going to do any good,” Happer explained. “This treaty also will not do any good. Anyone who looks at the results of doing what the treaty says can see that the effect on the earth’s climate is — even if you take the alarmist computer models trivial — it will not make any difference and yet it will cause enormous harm to many people.”

The contentious exchange came on “Earth Day 2017,” also the same day that people across the world were marching “for science.”

Watch the exchange below:

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April 21st, 2017 by Staff Writer

Kolt Kyler, 9, has been plenty busy lately.

His older half-sister Hannah Himes told ABC News that Kolt recently got two pigs to show for 4H, which has taken up a lot time, and made his travel baseball team — not to mention working on his dad’s farm in Indiana while keeping up his grades as an honor roll student.

Kolt also has been a Chicago Cubs fan for as long as anyone can remember — but he’s never been to Wrigley Field for a game.

Enter Kolt’s father, Andy Kyler, who was testing his son’s attitude one especially tiresome day — a doubleheader to play, mowing his grandma’s yard and then more chores at home.

Noting Kolt never complained once, Dad had a surprise for him — humorously prefacing it that he’d need Kolt’s help and that it would involve doing something together all day.

More work? Kolt didn’t know. But he was willing to undertake it — and that sealed it.

Yup, it was a pair of Cubs tickets for a game at Wrigley.

Kolt immediately broke down in tears — and a pig even snorted approval.

Check it out:

Surprised with @Cubs tickets for working hard at school, on the farm, and on the baseball field ⚾️ He may or may not be their biggest fan!

— Hannah Himes (@HannahHimes) April 16, 2017

“It will be his first time watching the Cubs in person and his first time to Wrigley,” Himes told ABC News. “We’re all so excited for him. It’ll be a good father-son day.”

When Cubs star Kris Bryant found out Kolt would be attending the June 3 game against the St. Louis Cardinals, he tweeted a message to him:

Can’t wait to see you Kolt!

— Kris Bryant (@KrisBryant_23) April 19, 2017

(H/T: Twitchy)

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April 10th, 2017 by Staff Writer

Syrians are no doubt happy that President Donald Trump took decisive action against the Assad regime in Syria last week.

One Syrian, who fled the country amid its ongoing civil war in 2011 at the age of 17, explained on “Fox and Friends” over the weekend exactly how he felt after Trump decided to push back against Assad after years of inaction by former President Barack Obama.

“Finally, after six years, President Trump made a real red line to Bashar al-Assad,” Mostafa Hassoun, who has lived in the U.S. since 2015, said Saturday.

“I’m so happy now, I’m so glad he did that,” Hassoun explained.

When asked how he felt when Obama failed to make good on his “red line” policy — where Obama promised in 2012 military action against the Assad regime if they used chemical weapons against their own people — Hassoun said he was “so sad.”

“When Obama said he will make Assad stop [using chemical weapons] and he gave him a fake red line, Bashar al-Assad started to kill people again and again and again,” Hassoun said.

“But Mr. Donald Trump, he started to show Assad the real America,” he added.

Hassoun explained that everyone he knows still living in Syria was extremely happy over Trump’s decision to attack an Assad-controlled airbase with 59 tomahawk missiles. That airbase, in western Syria, had just been used days earlier by Assad to drop chemical weapons on Syrians in a nearby rebel-held city.

“I wish Mr. Donald Trump would continue doing that to kick Assad out,” Hassoun said.

Later in the interview, Hassoun explained that he, and most other Syrian refugees, just want Assad kicked out of power so that he and the millions of others displaced by the brutal civil war can go back to their homeland.

Watch the full interview below:

Watch the latest video at

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April 2nd, 2017 by Staff Writer

White House press secretary Sean Spicer battled with an NPR reporter on Friday when challenged over why the Trump administration is using recent comments from former Obama administration official Evelyn Farkas to support President Donald Trump’s allegation that former President Barack Obama spied on him.

Farkas became a controversial figure this week after a weeks-old MSNBC interview resurfaced where she talked about the Obama administration possibly preserving and disseminating intelligence that was unintentionally gathered on Michael Flynn. Farkas’s comments came in response to a New York Times report that discussed the same subject.

“I was urging my former colleagues, and frankly speaking the people on the Hill, it was more actually aimed at telling the Hill people, get as much information as you can, get as much intelligence as you can, before President Obama leaves the administration,” Farkas said on MSNBC, explaining that she and other Obama administration officials were “very worried” that Trump would bury intelligence gathered on his advisers as president.

However, she later claimed in an interview with The Daily Caller that she never handled any intelligence, given that she left the Obama administration in 2015.

Still, the Trump administration has said Farkas’ comments support their theory they were spied on — and the press corps questioned Spicer Friday why Farkas’ comments are relevant given that she wasn’t part of the administration during the time in question.

“Farkas left the administration in 2015, so why is something she said in 2017 relevant to something that allegedly happened in 2016?” asked NRP reporter Tamara Keith.

Spicer was obviously prepared for such a question.

“The question I have for you is, exactly, why is it, what she said, in her things, ‘I’m urging my colleagues, I’m urging it to get to the Hill.’ But it’s odd that the presumption is, ‘Why is it interesting?’” Spicer shot back.

“Have you asked [Farkas]?” he asked Keith.

“No—” she said, before Spicer continued.

“No, no you haven’t,” he said, visibly frustrated.

“I would assume that as a reporter that actually is interested in the story, a senior Obama administration official that handled Russia,” Spicer added, before being interrupted by another reporter who pointed out that Farkas wasn’t a part of the administration in 2016.

“Thank you, I appreciate the timeline,” Spicer said sarcastically.

He continued on, berating the press corps:

At some point she went on television and talked about actions that she and her colleagues took to spread classified information. Instead of defending her, it might be worth asking her what she’s talking about, who she spread it to, why she did it, was it appropriate, who cleared her to do it.

Maybe those are questions you can ask instead of asking me to defend why a former Obama administration official is revealing stuff that should be extremely concerning.

Keith later questioned Spicer over whether the Trump administration is more worried about allegations that the Obama administration spied on them or allegations that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia in last year’s presidential election.

Watch the contentious exchange below:

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March 26th, 2017 by Staff Writer

Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert (R) explained on Fox News Saturday that the attitude of GOP leadership and the White House following their failure to replace Obamacare on Friday is unacceptable.

Detailing how Obamacare has hurt the majority of Americans, especially the elderly, on “Fox and Friends Weekend,” Gohmert said that it appears the GOP leadership’s current strategy is “we’re gonna hurt our elderly folks a little more, but don’t worry.”

Gohmert, a member of the House Freedom Caucus, said the GOP Obamacare replacement — which was widely criticised for being a watered down version of Obamacare — was “based on a lie.”

According to Gohmert, this was the lie: “We can’t do what you guys want to do because the parliamentarian won’t allow us to do it. Now, we can’t check with the parliamentarian until we pass the bill in the House, send it to the Senate, and then the parliamentarian can rule.”

“The parliamentarian never rules! That’s a lie!” Gohmert exclaimed.

Gohmert said that the House Freedom Caucus was told that language repealing Obamacare regulations such as the “essential health benefits” could not be included in the House bill because it would endanger the Senate’s ability to pass it with a 51-vote simple majority. He explained that House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) said that Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough could rule to strip the bill of those measures before a Senate vote and that’s why they couldn’t be included in the bill.

“But they never checked with the parliamentarian,” Gohmert said. “[Sen.] Mike Lee checked and it was all fine.”

When asked by Fox host Brian Kilmeade if he has lost confidence in Ryan as the GOP leader, Gohmert said he wasn’t sure.

“I don’t know. We have to learn from this disastrous mistake that was based on something that … they told the president repeatedly something that was not true,” Gohmert said.

“This was a bad bill because we read it, we knew what was in it, too many people did not,” he concluded.

Watch Gohmert’s comments below:

Watch the latest video at

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March 26th, 2017 by Staff Writer

At least one person was arrested after violence broke out at a pro-Trump rally in Huntington Beach, California, on Saturday, where counter-protesters allegedly pepper strayed and attacked pro-Trump demonstrators.

According to the Orange County Register, fights broke out when a crowd of pro-Trump demonstrators wearing red “Make America Great Again” hats and waving American flags passed a group of about 40 anti-Trump counter-protesters.

From the Register:

In no time, people were shoving, pushing others to the ground and throwing punches.

One protester peppered sprayed a Trump supporter, and a crowd broke off and ran into a parking lot, where a person was beaten.

One of the counter-protesters told the newspaper that an anti-Trump protester only used pepper spray in defense, but other accounts dispute that. The Los Angeles Times reports that the man with the pepper spray, dressed in black with a mask, attacked first after which pro-Trump demonstrators fought back by tackling, punching and kicking the man.

Social media captured the confrontations:

Violence erupting at Trump rally when pro and anti Trump protestors collide. #MAGAMARCH in Huntington Beach

— Cindy Carcamo (@theCindyCarcamo) March 25, 2017

Man in black mask chased onto PCH, marchers said he pepper sprayed them #MAGAMARCH in #HuntingtonBeach

— Ben Brazil (@benbrazilpilot) March 25, 2017

Absolute unrest at the #MAGAmarch, anti-Trump protestors defending themselves while being ganged up on by Trump supporters.

— budo (@hectorarzula) March 25, 2017

Tasers, insults, and shoves from the #MAGAmarch as they push through the anti-Trump protest.

— budo (@hectorarzula) March 25, 2017

Including the moment officers from the California Highway Patrol detained one of the counter-protesters who assaulted a pro-Trump demonstrator:

Violence erupting at Trump rally when pro and anti Trump protestors collide. #MAGAMARCH in Huntington Beach

— Cindy Carcamo (@theCindyCarcamo) March 25, 2017

Anti-Trump protestor arrested by the police as unrest continues at the #MAGAmarch

— budo (@hectorarzula) March 25, 2017

Watch more video captured from the chaotic scene. (Warning: Viewer discretion is advised for crude language.):

According to the Register, the “Make America Great Again” rally at Bolsa Chica State Beach drew about 1,000 demonstrators, most of them pro-Trump while just several dozen were anti-Trump.

Event organizers said they were gathering on the beach to show support for Trump, law enforcement and military veterans. The event coincided with about 40 other similar demonstrations nationwide on Saturday.

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March 20th, 2017 by Staff Writer

President Donald Trump vowed during his campaign last year to improve the refugee vetting process and slow immigration from countries that harbor terrorism.

He tried to make good on that promise during the opening days of his presidency by signing an executive order that temporarily halted the U.S. refugee resettlement program for 120 days while also temporarily halting any travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries — Iraq, Iran, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Libya and Sudan — from entering the U.S. for 90 days.

The order was immediately challenged in courts across the country and was finally gutted by a U.S. district court judge in Seattle, whose ruling was upheld by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Instead of going to the Supreme Court, the Trump administration chose to reissue a similar executive order, this one more watered down and removed Iraq from the list of restricted nations. However, it too was finally blocked by a U.S. district court judge last week after being challenged in court.

The Trump administration has since appealed that ruling.

But according to longtime liberal and Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, an appeal from the White House shouldn’t be necessary because the Maryland judge, Theodore Chuang, should have never ruled against Trump’s executive order to begin with.

Chuang said in his opinion that he heavily leaned on Trump’s campaign rhetoric on Muslims when making his decision, which makes no sense to Dershowitz.

“That’s not the way the law is supposed to operate,” Dershowitz said on “Fox and Friends” Saturday.

Then he dropped a bomb, acknowledging that if it was Obama who had issued the executive order, then it would have been upheld by the courts.

“The idea of focusing so heavily on campaign rhetoric and essentially saying, look, if Obama had issued the very same order with the same words it would be constitutional, but if Trump issues it, it’s unconstitutional because he said some things about Muslims in the run-up to the campaign,” Dershowitz explained, adding that he has never seen a case where the “rhetoric of a candidate” is used against them in legal proceedings.

But Dershowitz did have some positive news. He explained that because the Trump administration is appealing Chuang’s ruling to the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, which is much more conservative than the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, the court is likely to rule in Trump’s favor. And once the case gets appealed to the Supreme Court, Dershowitz said the court is likely to split 4-4, which would be in Trump’s favor too because it would uphold the lower court’s ruling.

“I’m putting my reputation on the line — I predict the case gets to the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court will uphold the major provisions of this ban,” Dershowitz said. “I do not believe this is a Muslim ban.”

Watch his comments below:

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March 20th, 2017 by Staff Writer

A congressional investigation into whether or not President Donald Trump’s campaign colluded with Russian officials has so far yielded “no evidence,” according to the House Intelligence Committee chairman.

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) explained Sunday on “Fox News Sunday” that based on all of the evidence his committee has so far investigated, he cannot conclude that there was any collusion whatsoever between Trump’s campaign and the Russians.

When asked by host Chris Wallace if there is any evidence to suggest collusion, Nunes replied, “I’ll give you a very simple answer: ‘No.’”

“Up to speed on everything I have up to this morning — no evidence of collusion,” he explained.

Nunes also said in the interview that he believes it’s “pretty clear” that there are elements in the government that are intentionally leaking information to “undercut” Trump.

“There’s even been stories written about it in numerous newspapers talking about how they said they left breadcrumbs around to hurt the Trump administration,” Nunes said.

“Clearly to leak Michael Flynn’s name talking to the Russian ambassador,” he added. “That was clearly designed to hurt Gen. Flynn and the president’s national security adviser.”

However, he clarified to say that he doesn’t necessarily believe the leaks are from people currently within the government, but rather they’re coming from disgruntled former government employees, such as people from former President Barack Obama’s administration.

“I think it was largely people maybe who were there, had classified information, who are now no longer there and decided to leak it,” Nunes explained.

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March 13th, 2017 by Staff Writer

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway responded to recent criticisms in an interview with Fox News host Howard Kurtz over the weekend and blasted House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) for failing to defend her over sexist comments.

During a discussion about a recent New York Times article that noted the sexist criticism that Conway is regularly a victim of, Conway hit back at the women who haven’t come to her defense — including Pelosi.

Two week ago, Conway was the subject of a very crude sexual joke by Democrat Rep. Cedric Richmond (La.), who said at a dinner that Conway “really looked kind of familiar in that position” referencing a photo of Conway on her knees on a couch in the Oval Office taking a picture of President Donald Trump and a group of historically black college presidents.

However, when confronted by her caucus member’s remarks during an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union” last weekend, Pelosi failed to condemn her rank-and-file member and defend Conway, her fellow woman. In fact, Pelosi essentially gave Richmond a pass by arguing that she had no clue what he said because she wasn’t at the event with him.

“The silence is deafening,” Conway said.

“I’m very disappointed in Minority Leader Pelosi,” Conway explained. “No wonder she was a two term Speaker and the majority of the voters were female across the country and they didn’t want her to be Speaker anymore.”

Conway continued:

“I was very disappointed in her. She was either not telling the truth when she said she wasn’t aware [of the comments], or it’s not important enough to her caucus that they would bring this to her attention and ask her, this person who says everyday, ‘This person should resign. This person should recuse. That person should resign. That one should go be impeached.’ She had nothing to say about about a Democratic congressman, a member of her own caucus, issuing such a tasteless, sexist joke, which a lot of liberals in the room did not think was funny.

“This is what happens when you refuse to call yourself a feminist,” Conway added.

Watch her comments below:

Watch the latest video at

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March 13th, 2017 by Staff Writer

A quick thinking convenience store clerk in Ohio recently used his Second Amendment rights when a would-be armed robber pulled a weapon to rob him.

According to WTTE-TV, 27-year-old Emanuel Hamm walked into the M&M Food Mart in Darbydale, Ohio, Thursday night around 9:30 p.m. with plans to rob the store. But the quick thinking clerk, who wished to remain anonymous, derailed those plans.

“He pulled a gun and said give me the money,” the clerk told WTTE, recounting the events.

“As soon as I saw the gun, I pulled mine and I shot him,” the clerk explained. “That was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the gun. I thought of my kids. Somebody thought it was an easy target and it wasn’t.”

Surveillance footage caught the incident on tape. It shows Hamm walking into the store with one hand in his pocket. The video shows the clerk, suspicious of Hamm, put his hand on a gun in his back pocket. When Hamm finally draws his weapon, the clerk was able to draw first, shooting and injuring Hamm. Hamm is then seen scrambling for the door.

Store owner Aziz Khettab told WTTE that after his store was robbed three times last year, he decided to finally buy a gun so he and his clerks could protect the store, its customers and his source of income.

Hamm was able to get away, despite being shot in the hand. But after he appeared at a local hospital with a gunshot wound, which WTTE reports was not life-threatening, police arrested him and charged him with aggravated robbery.

Still, the store clerk told WTTE that he feels bad for injuring Hamm.

“It was really tough,” he told WTTE. “It’s not easy to shoot someone, especially with someone who never had to deal with guns.”

“I feel bad for him, but I didn’t have a choice,” the clerk explained.

Watch the surveillance footage below via WTTE:

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March 12th, 2017 by Staff Writer

Conservative commentator Tomi Lahren blasted the double standard that exists for liberals and conservatives during an appearance on Fox News Friday night while battling Democratic strategist Jessica Tarlov.

Lahren’s comments came during a segment on “Hannity” Friday when the trio were discussing the controversy surrounding comedian Samantha Bee, who unknowingly mocked a 20-year-old cancer patient for having “Nazi hair” in a recent segment on her show.

Bee later apologized, but Lahren noted that the outrage over the incident is much less because Bee is a liberal. If it was a conservative who made the comments, Lahren said people would have likely called for them to be fired.

“Do you think if this was a conservative host, even a conservative comedian host, do you think that the left would’ve called for them to step down, or called for them to resign?” Lahren challenged.

Tarlov responded by saying that she and others on the left have called on conspiracy theorist Alex Jones to step down from his radio program after he called former first lady Michelle Obama a “tranny” last year.

Hannity added to the conversation:

What Tomi is pointing out is a real clear and present danger for all conservatives. There are groups that monitor, and I know who they are, in their underwear, total losers in life, that monitor three hours of my radio show, an hour of TV in the hopes that I say one word, one phrase, one sentence wrong, no chance to apologize even if it was an honest mistake in the hopes that they can target my advertisers and silence us.

Lahren confirmed that the lack of outrage and undermining of Bee proves the “hypocrisy of the left.”

“This is about throwing around the term ‘Nazi’ and ‘fascist.’ Those are pretty heavy labels to throw around,” Lahren said, while again noting that liberals get away with those tough criticisms, while conservatives do not.

Watch the full segment below:

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March 12th, 2017 by Staff Writer

Kyle Coddington, a 20-year-old who suffers from brain cancer, is speaking out after he was unknowingly mocked last week by late night talk show host Samantha Bee for his hair style.

Bee recently did a segment on this year’s CPAC, the annual gathering of conservatives. A video produced by her show noted that instead of bow ties and Sen. Ted Cruz, this year’s young attendees were all about President Donald Trump and their “Nazi” hair styles — buzzed on the sides and back and long on the top.

“This year, the bow ties were gone, replaced by Nazi hair, Nazi hair, Nazi hair,” the video says.

One of the young men shown in the video is Coddington. The reason he has “Nazi” hair isn’t because he’s a white nationalist, but because he has a stage 4 form of brain cancer known as glioblastoma, he explained in a recent interview with “Fox and Friends.”

He told the “Fox and Friends” hosts on Friday that a friend saw him in Bee’s video, which prompted his sister to tweet about it. His sister’s tweet was retweeted thousands of times and eventually garnered national attention.

When @iamsambee makes fun of your brother for having “Nazi hair.” He actually has stage 4 brain cancer, but whatever floats your boat.

— Megan Coddington (@meg_kelly16) March 9, 2017

The tweet also prompted Bee to apologize:

@meg_kelly16 We deeply apologize for offending you and @_that_kyle. We only learned of his condition today & have removed him from the piece

— Samantha Bee (@iamsambee) March 9, 2017

We deeply apologize for offending @_that_kyle in our CPAC segment. We only learned of his condition today & have removed him from the piece.

— Full Frontal (@FullFrontalSamB) March 9, 2017

But for Coddington, Bee’s apology wasn’t really an apology at all.

“It’s kind of a half-apology I would say. The effects of this go much further than just insulting me and an illness itself,” Coddington told the Fox hosts. “It’s just inconsiderate and unprofessional to lump together anyone with a certain hairstyle or just by the way they look.”

He added in an official statement:

The effects of the comments made on Full Frontal go further than my battle with a serious illness. Everyone in that video was targeted unjustly and targeted without facts or proof of the accusations made. The fact is that I have been hesitant of supporting Donald Trump from Day 1, and was openly “NeverTrump” through the entirety of the 2016 election cycle. Another fact is that I am a registered Democrat.

Samantha Bee tweeted an apology for “offending” me, but I want to make it clear that half-apologizing for offending someone is not apologizing for making baseless accusations against people because of the way they look. This kind of behavior should be rejected by both sides of the aisle.

It’s ironic, too, that Bee included Coddington in their montage of “Nazi” hair because Coddington is a registered Democrat and was at CPAC covering it as a member of the media.

Still, Bee reportedly $1,000 to Coddington’s GoFundMe page, which he setup to help with the costs of his cancer treatment. In the one day since his story went nationwide, Americans have donated more than $100,000 to help with his treatments.

“It’s been an interesting 24 hours, for sure,” Coddington said.

Watch his interview with “Fox and Friends” below:

Watch the latest video at

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March 6th, 2017 by Staff Writer

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) refused to condemn one of her own on Sunday when confronted by the comments Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-La.) recently made about White House counselor Kellyanne Conway.

Last Wednesday, during a dinner at the Washington Press Club Foundation, Richmond said Conway “really looked kind of familiar in that position,” referencing a photo of Conway on her knees on a couch in the Oval Office taking a picture of President Donald Trump and presidents of historically black colleges.

But when confronted with her caucus member’s comment Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Pelosi completely dodged the topic and tried to turn the discussion on Trump.

“Shouldn’t the congressman apologize to Kellyanne Conway, and honestly where is the Democratic Party in expressing outrage over this?” host Jake Tapper pressed.

“Well, I wasn’t at the dinner. I’m just finding out about this. But the fact is, I’m still in sort of a state of, what is going on here that the person who occupies the White House is a person who was on that Hollywood video that said the crude things he said about women,” Pelosi said.

“You all are criticizing Cedric for something he said in the course of the evening. And he maybe should be criticized for that. I just don’t know the particulars,” she added. “But I do everyday marvel at the fact that somebody who said the gross and crude things that President Trump said — wouldn’t even be allowed in a frat house — and he’s in the White House.”

Tapper appeared almost stunned by Pelosi’s comments, but he tried again. He went on to clarify his line of questioning to ask if the Democrats’ “moral authority” is being undermined because they don’t criticize Democrats who make sexually crude comments toward women — only Republicans.

“Well, I think everybody was making crude comments,” Pelosi replied. “I—I just don’t know…I wasn’t at the dinner.”

Pelosi’s flat refusal to criticize Richmond’s comments is surprising given that even Chelsea Clinton publicly denounced the comments last week as “despicable.”

Watch Pelosi’s comments below:

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March 6th, 2017 by Staff Writer

Deputy White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders tussled with ABC “This Week” host Martha Raddatz on Sunday during a discussion about President Donald Trump’s accusation that former President Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower last year.

During the interview, Raddatz came out of the gate charging.

“These are extremely serious charges the president is making. Where is he getting his information?” she pressed.

Huckabee Sanders cited reports from mainstream media outlets like the New York Times, the Washington Post and BBC that reported on potential wiretapping and FISA court order requests.

“I think the bigger thing is: lets find out, lets have an investigation,” Huckabee Sanders said. “If they’re going to investigate Russia ties, lets include this as part of it.”

“You guys are always telling us to take the media seriously, well we are today,” she added. “If this happened, if this is accurate, this is the biggest overreach and the biggest scandal.”

“The president of the United States is accusing the former president of wiretapping him,” Raddatz said back, emphasizing her point.

“If this happened—” Huckabee Sanders began to reply.

“IF! IF! IF!” Raddatz interrupted, almost screaming.

The ABC host went on to press Huckabee Sanders over why Trump insisted, as if it was fact, that Obama wiretapped him, while Huckabee Sanders went on to say there needs to be an investigation into the claims.

“I think he’s going off of information that he’s seen that has led him to believe that this is a very real potential,” Huckabee Sanders said. “And if it is, this is the greatest overreach and the greatest abuse of power that I think we’ve ever seen and a huge attack on democracy itself and the American people have a right to know if this took place.”

Raddatz followed up by noting that the reports Huckabee Sanders cite mostly cite anonymous sources themselves, implying they can’t be believed.

“I love how anonymous sources don’t count when it’s something that’s positive in this administration and against the former one,” Huckabee Sanders shot back. “You guys use anonymous sources every single day.”

Watch the tense exchange below:

WH spokesperson on Trump wiretap claim: “He’s made very clear what he believes, and he’s asking we get down to the bottom of this.”

— This Week (@ThisWeekABC) March 5, 2017

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March 6th, 2017 by Staff Writer

James Clapper, former director of national intelligence under former President Barack Obama, denied Sunday the accusation that the Obama administration wiretapped Trump Tower in the latter stages of last year’s presidential election.

“There was no such wiretap activity mounted against the president, the president-elect, at the time, or as a candidate, or against his campaign,” Clapper said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday morning.

During the interview, Clapper also explained that if there was a FISA court order to conduct any surveillance then he would have known about it, but continued to deny that any order was ever issued against Trump.

Former DNI Clapper on @MeetThePress: There was no wiretapping mounted against the president or his campaign

— NBC Politics (@NBCPolitics) March 5, 2017

However, as conservative and Republican pundits were quick to point out on Twitter, it’s hard to believe Clapper’s comments because he has a history of lying about issues of surveillance.

Ben Shapiro noted that what Clapper said on NBC may be true, but reminded his followers of the false testimony he gave to Congress under oath in 2013 about NSA spying:

Clapper says no wiretapping of Trump Tower. That may be true. But here is another thing Clapper said about surveillance. Under oath.

— Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) March 5, 2017

Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham also noted Clapper’s false testimony to Congress:

Clapper was on @MeetThePress for entire seg. & @chucktodd didn’t ask him one Q abt his own lying to Congress.

— Laura Ingraham (@IngrahamAngle) March 5, 2017

Others piled on:

“Does the NSA collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans?”

“No, sir.” – James Clapper, under oath.

— John Durant (@johndurant) March 5, 2017

Clapper said the same when asked under oath if they were collecting data on Americans

— Joe Perticone (@JoePerticone) March 5, 2017

Clapper cannot be the final word on any of this – lied to Congress, downplayed Iran threat assessment, misled about bin Laden documents.

— Stephen Hayes (@stephenfhayes) March 5, 2017

Shouldn’t Democrats get someone more credible than James Clapper to make these denials? Like any randomly chosen person.

— Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) March 5, 2017

James Clapper lied to Congress, but I’m sure his moral code restricts him from lying to Meet the Press.

— Caleb 🇺🇸 (@WarriorPolitico) March 5, 2017

The same dem hack, James Clapper, who lied about NSA spying is also lying about Obama WH spying on Trump. Clapper is an enemy of U.S.

— Jennifer❤️Trump🇺🇸 (@jenilynn1001) March 5, 2017

So I see we’re all taking James Clapper’s word despite the fact that actually admitted to lying to Congress under oath. Fascinating.

— Brandon Groeny (@brandongroeny) March 5, 2017

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March 6th, 2017 by Staff Writer

During a lengthy appearance on “Fox and Friends” Sunday morning, conservative radio host Mark Levin explained why he thinks former President Barack Obama undoubtedly spied on then-presidential candidate Donald Trump during last year’s presidential campaign.

Levin spent the first handful of minutes, nearly half the interview, laying out the evidence for why he believes Obama is guilty, including reading reports directly from mainstream media outlets like the New York Times, the Washington Post, McClatchy and the Guardian.

When Fox News host Pete Hegseth tried to move the segment along, Levin interrupted, “Hold on! Hold on! I need to make the case because the media seems to be confused about their own reporting!”

According to Levin, the evidence is clear.

“The issue isn’t whether the Obama administration spied on the Trump campaign or the transition or certain surrogates, the issue is the extent of it,” Levin explained.

“The evidence is overwhelming,” he went on to say.

The conservative radio host continued:

They were so aggressive, they waited four or five months, they go back in October, weeks before the general election, they narrow their request, all of the sudden we have leaks coming out on [Michael] Flynn. Then we have a “Oh horrible” meeting that took place between [Attorney General Jeff] Sessions and so forth. And I’m telling you as a former chief of staff to a United States attorney general in the [Ronald] Regan administration, these are police state tactics.

Now what did Barack Obama know? He knew everything I just read you apart from one or two articles. You wanna know how I know? It’s in the newspapers! It’s right there! So Barack Obama not only knew this, but he gets a daily intelligence briefing.

Later in the interview, Levin emphasized that the case he just previously laid out against the Obama administration wasn’t of his doing, but of the mainstream press — he just pieced it together.

Then he defended Trump.

“Donald Trump is the victim. His campaign is the victim. His transition team is the victim. His surrogates are the victims,” Levin explained. “These are police state tactics.”

“I’m telling you as a former chief of staff to attorney general, if this had been done to Barack Obama all hell would break lose,” he added. “And Barack Obama’s statement [on the wiretapping allegations] is just pathetic.”

Moving forward, to get to the bottom of these allegations, Levin suggested that the two FISA court warrant requests from the Obama administration need to be released, in addition to the daily presidential intelligence briefings from the past year being released to Congress.

“There ought to be public hearings on this stuff, too,” Levin told the “Fox and Friends” hosts.

Watch the full interview below:

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February 27th, 2017 by Staff Writer

A top White House aide explained on Sunday why President Donald Trump announced Saturday that he won’t attend this year’s White House Correspondents’ Association dinner.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, deputy White House press secretary, said on ABC News that Trump’s job as president isn’t to hobnob with reporters and celebrities. Instead, Trump’s job is to serve the American people, she explained.

“This wasn’t a president that was elected to spend his time with reporters and celebrities,” Huckabee Sanders said. “This is a president who campaigned on speaking directly to Americans, and that’s what he’s going to spend his time doing.”

The annual dinner attracts politicians, journalists and celebrities and is typically attended by the president, who’s often roasted.

In addition, Huckabee Sanders said it would be “naive” to think there wouldn’t be obvious tension if Trump attended the dinner, offering ABC “This Week” host George Stephanopoulos an old anaology from the South.

“You know, one of the things we say in the South: If a Girl Scout egged your house, would you buy cookies from her? I think that this is a pretty similar scenario. There’s no reason for him to go in and sit and pretend like this is going to be just another Saturday night,” she said.

Watch below. The relevant part begins at 8:55:

The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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February 20th, 2017 by Staff Writer

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh tore into the mainstream media during an appearance on “Fox News Sunday” over the weekend and explained that no matter how hard the media tries to “destroy” President Donald Trump, they will fail in the end.

“The media did not make Donald Trump, and they can’t destroy him,” Limbaugh declared to host Chris Wallace Sunday.

“They have a formula, they have a blueprint for destroying Republican political officials they don’t like,” Limbaugh explained, citing ABC, CBS, NBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post and USA Today.

“It’s not gonna work on Trump,” he explained. “He doesn’t fit that mold. They’re trying to every day. It’s kind of comical to watch.”

Wallace then press Limbaugh over whether or not Trump’s controversial tweet about the media — where he said the “fake news” media is the “enemy” of the American people — “goes too far.”

“I think that there’s something to it,” Limbaugh replied, explaining that the media isn’t necessarily an enemy of the American people, but rather an enemy of Trump.

“Trump won the election, on substance. Trump did more interviews. He explained his agenda more than any political presidential candidate ever has in my memory. And he has tried to stick to it.” Limbaugh went on to say. “This effort … it’s clearly anti-Trump.”

“Trump has a connection with his voters that most politicians don’t have…and that connection that he has is not anything that anybody else can break — only he can break it,” Limbaugh added.

During the interview, Limbaugh and Wallace also discussed the allegations that Russia played a role in electing Trump, Trump’s controversial executive order on immigration and refugees, as well as Trump’s advancement of domestic policy.

Watch Limbaugh’s interview below:

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February 20th, 2017 by Staff Writer

Journalist Glenn Greenwald, known for his work with Edward Snowden, highlighted the hypocrisy of Democrats over government leaks on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” Sunday morning.

Under former President Barack Obama, Greenwald noted that Democrats hated government leaks, but explained that it’s an entirely different story now that President Donald Trump is in office.

Greenwald pointed to fellow panelist Carl Bernstein, known for his work in the Watergate scandal, as reason why it’s important for government employees to give journalists critical information the public needs to know that might not be exposed otherwise.

The “problem,” Greenwald went on to explain, is that Democrats, under Obama, have unleashed a “war” on government leakers.

Greenwald said:

If you look at the last eight years, there has been a very concerted war on not just sources and whistleblowers, but also journalists, implemented by not Donald Trump but by the Obama administration. More sources prosecuted under the 1917 Espionage Act than in all previous administrations combined. Journalists such as James Rosen at Fox News and Jim Risen at The New York Times and those of us who worked on the Snowden reporting constantly threatened with prosecution or having our phone records subpoenaed and the like. And Democratic officeholders in D.C. were virtually unanimous in the idea that people who leak information that’s classified are villains, they’re traitors, they oughta go to prison.

However, now that Trump is in the White House, Democrats have completely flipped their position on government leaks, Greenwald said, which has allowed Trump to declare his hatred for leakers as well.

“This framework has been created, both rhetorical and legal, over the last eight years that says that people who leak classified information regardless of how important that information is, ought to be punished, and that’s the rhetoric and framework Donald Trump is seizing on,” Greenwald said.

“It’s the reason why it’s been so damaging to have watched Democrats, who suddenly love leaks now that it’s helping them, weigh such an aggressive war on journalism and investigative reporting over the last eight years,” he explained.

Watch Greenwald’s comments below:

.@ggreenwald: “There has been a “concerted war” on whistleblowers and journalists “by the Obama administration”

— CNN (@CNN) February 19, 2017

Government leaks have been a huge problem for Trump in the opening weeks of his presidency. Details from classified documents and phone conversations have been routinely leaked, which many believe lead to the ousting of Micheal Flynn, who served as the national security adviser for a mere three weeks.

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February 8th, 2017 by Staff Writer

Citizen journalist Austen Fletcher traveled to Los Angeles International Airport last Monday to speak with the people protesting President Donald Trump’s immigration executive order and found quite a few people who seemed to have no idea why they were even there.

Speaking to protesters standing outside the Tom Bradley international terminal, Fletcher began asking several of the protesters to explain their reason for being there, and asking them questions. One of the protesters said that Trump signed the executive order because of 9/11, but didn’t include the right countries.

“He did it because of 9/11,” the protester said. “But the countries that the terrorists were from aren’t even in the ban.”

Another protester agreed. “The countries that he is banning don’t have — you know they’re not the terrorists that came for 9/11.” When Fletcher interjected to tell her that the terrorists behind the 9/11 terror attack did train in those countries included in the temporary travel ban, she responded, “Right, that’s true, but they didn’t come from those countries.”

One woman claimed to have had “one-on-one conversations” with people from Syria, and said the American government is brainwashing people into believing bolstered terror claims. “You need to know exactly what sources you’re getting your information from because if you ask anyone in Syria right now, they’ll tell you that they had a perfectly fine democratic society,” she said.

Fletcher reminded the woman that homosexual people in Syria are often violently killed, to which she responded with, “That’s Syria!” The protester later told Fletcher she didn’t vote in the presidential election.

27-year-old Fletcher told TheBlaze that he left his Wall Street job in New York to pursue his dreams in Los Angeles. He said he believes there are major problems in both the Democratic and Republican parties. “Exposing the humor in it is good for both sides,” he said.

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February 6th, 2017 by Staff Writer

President Donald Trump won’t rule out the possibility of defunding the entire state of California if it declares statewide sanctuary status for illegal immigrants.

A small group of lawmakers in California, the largest state by population, voted last week in favor of making the entire state a safe haven for illegal immigrants. The state’s Senate Public Safety Committee voted 5-2 along party lines to approve the measure, the Associated Press reported. Democrats on the committee supported the bill while Republicans opposed it.

The California bill in question, known as SB 54, was referred Tuesday to the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland and Sacramento have all declared themselves to be sanctuary cities, meaning that local law enforcement won’t arrest or detain individuals solely for being in the country illegally, KQED-TV reported. The new effort originating in the California State Senate would extend sanctuary status to every city in the state, meaning that the estimated 2.3 million illegal immigrants currently living in California would be shielded from deportation.

Fox News host Bill O’Reilly asked Trump for his thoughts about the proposed law during an exclusive pre-Super Bowl interview Sunday.

“I think it’s ridiculous — sanctuary cities. As you know I’m very much opposed to sanctuary cities. They breed crime. There’s a lot of problems,” Trump said.

“If we have to we’ll defund. We give tremendous amounts of money to California. California in many ways is out of control. Obviously the voters agree. Otherwise they wouldn’t have voted for me,” the president added.

California voted for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton over Trump by more than 4.2 million votes in last year’s presidential election, the New York Times reported.

“So defunding is your weapon of choice —” O’Reilly followed up.

“Well, it’s a weapon. I don’t want to defund a state or a city,” Trump replied.

“But you’re willing to do it?” O’Reilly asked again.

“I don’t want to defund anybody. I want to give them the money they need to properly operate as a city or state. If they’re going to have sanctuary cities, we may have to do that. Certainly, that would be a weapon,” Trump said.

Trump’s comment came just days after he issued an executive order saying that he would “employ all lawful means” to enforce existing immigration laws in sanctuary cities, even if that meant withdrawing federal funds.

California receives about $1.2 billion per year from the federal government. The state applies the money toward services such as housing, health and social services and homeless aid, the AP reported.

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February 6th, 2017 by Staff Writer

Just days after being released from the hospital, former President George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush helped open Sunday’s Super Bowl by flipping the opening coin toss.

After being wheeled to midfield while receiving a thunderous applause from the sold-out crowd, the 41st president of the United States flipped the coin. It landed on “tails” giving the Atlanta Falcons the first “win” of the game. They chose to defer.

Watch the touching moment here:

President George H. W. Bush tosses the coin for #SB51!@atlantafalcons win the toss and defer!

— NFL (@NFL) February 5, 2017

Bush, 92, was released from the hospital last week after an extended stay due to a recent bout with pneumonia. He was in ICU care for nearly two weeks. Wife Barbara was admitted to the hospital the very same day as George last month after being diagnosed with bronchitis.

And despite being in the hospital for several weeks, Bush was quick to remind America that he was excited to give the opening coin toss at Sunday’s big game:

Getting fired up for Sunday and #SuperBowl.

— George Bush (@GeorgeHWBush) February 1, 2017

During the festivities, the Bush’s also met with the second family, Vice President Mike Pence and second lady Karen Pence:

It’s a great honor to visit with Former President @GeorgeHWBush & Barbara Bush. Their service to our nation 🇺🇸 is an inspiration to us all.

— Vice President Pence (@VP) February 6, 2017

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February 6th, 2017 by Staff Writer

Author and Newsweek columnist Michael Wolff admonished CNN host Brian Stelter over the weekend, saying the cable network media correspondent comes close to being “quite a ridiculous figure.”

Wolff’s blunt criticism of Stelter came Sunday on CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” during which Stelter quoted from a Jan. 26 Newsweek column that Wolff authored titled, “Why the media keeps losing to Trump.” In it, Wolff wrote:

The media strategy is to show Trump to be an inept and craven sociopath. The Trump strategy is to show that media people are hopeless prigs out of touch with the nation (e.g., CNN’s media correspondent, Brian Stelter, who turns to the camera every Sunday morning and delivers a pious sermon about Trump’s perfidiousness) and nursing personal grudges.

Then, on Sunday, Wolff and Stelter came face to face to discuss the article. During the interview, Stelter asked Wolff, “Do you feel that my style is wrong or my substance is wrong, trying to fact check the president?”

Wolff didn’t sugarcoat his response.

“I think it’s — and I mean this with truly no disrespect — I think you can border on being quite a ridiculous figure,” he replied.

“It’s not a good look to repeatedly and self-righteously defend your own self interest,” Wolff added. “The media should not be the story. Every week, in this religious sense, you make it the story. We are not the story.”

Stelter pushed back, asking Wolff if “there’s room for one hour a week on CNN for this.”

Wolff responded: “Listen, I love your show. I just wish you wouldn’t turn to the camera and lecture America about the virtues of the media and everyone trying to attack it. The media will be fine.”

“The media doesn’t need defending in this moment?” Stelter pressed Wolff.

“The media doesn’t need defending by the media, certainly,” Wolff insisted.

Stelter hosts “Reliable Sources,” which airs every Sunday. According to the show’s official Twitter profile, the program focuses on “the story behind the story — how news and pop culture get made.” Stelter also appears on CNN periodically throughout the week to discuss media stories.

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February 1st, 2017 by Staff Writer

The pro-life group Live Action released two new investigative videos Tuesday that depict Planned Parenthood staffers saying that their clinics only offer ultrasounds to women seeking abortions — not women seeking prenatal care.

The first video shows clinic workers telling undercover investigators that they don’t do any ultrasounds for prenatal care.

“We do them when we’re doing abortions, but not for any other reason,” a Planned Parenthood staffer in Council Bluffs, Iowa, said.

“We only do ultrasounds if you are terminating,” another staffer in Corning, New York, said.

A staffer in St. Louis, Missouri said an ultrasound for prenatal care is “not something we offer.”

“Well, we do have to do an ultrasound with an abortion, but we don’t offer them for – we can’t do anything to make sure that the pregnancy’s fine,” they added.

The pro-life group said of the 68 clinics they asked for an ultrasound, only 3 were able to offer them ultrasounds in order to check the health of the baby.

Live Action released an additional video, in which former Planned Parenthood workers say that the organization only uses ultrasounds for abortion.

TheBlaze previously reported that another recent Live Action video shows staff at Planned Parenthood clinics telling undercover investigators that they do not offer prenatal services.

In a statement, Lila Rose, the president and founder of Live Action, said that “one would think a corporation that constantly touts its care for women, uses ‘parenthood’ in its name, and has ultrasound machines would want to ensure healthy pregnancies by allowing women to access ultrasounds to monitor the development of their babies.”

“But showing a woman an ultrasound image would reveal the beating heart as well as moving arms and kicking legs, destroying the ‘clump of cells’ myth Planned Parenthood perpetuates to try to make abortion easier to accept,” she added.

Rose said she anticipates that “Planned Parenthood will respond as it usually does by denying the findings of this investigation.”

“That’s why I encourage media outlets to contact any of the 68 centers that Live Action did – or any others – and ask them if they offer ultrasounds to check the baby’s health if a mother wants to carry her baby to term,” Rose said. “The media will find results similar to ours.”

A spokesperson for Planned Parenthood did not immediately return TheBlaze’s request for comment.

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February 1st, 2017 by Staff Writer

The pro-life group Live Action released two new investigative videos Tuesday that depict Planned Parenthood staffers saying that their clinics only offer ultrasounds to women seeking abortions — not women seeking prenatal care.

The first video shows clinic workers telling undercover investigators that they don’t do any ultrasounds for prenatal care.

“We do them when we’re doing abortions, but not for any other reason,” a Planned Parenthood staffer in Council Bluffs, Iowa, said.

“We only do ultrasounds if you are terminating,” another staffer in Corning, New York, said.

A staffer in St. Louis, Missouri said an ultrasound for prenatal care is “not something we offer.”

“Well, we do have to do an ultrasound with an abortion, but we don’t offer them for – we can’t do anything to make sure that the pregnancy’s fine,” they added.

The pro-life group said of the 68 clinics they asked for an ultrasound, only 3 were able to offer them ultrasounds in order to check the health of the baby.

Live Action released an additional video, in which former Planned Parenthood workers say that the organization only uses ultrasounds for abortion.

TheBlaze previously reported that another recent Live Action video shows staff at Planned Parenthood clinics telling undercover investigators that they do not offer prenatal services.

In a statement, Lila Rose, the president and founder of Live Action, said that “one would think a corporation that constantly touts its care for women, uses ‘parenthood’ in its name, and has ultrasound machines would want to ensure healthy pregnancies by allowing women to access ultrasounds to monitor the development of their babies.”

“But showing a woman an ultrasound image would reveal the beating heart as well as moving arms and kicking legs, destroying the ‘clump of cells’ myth Planned Parenthood perpetuates to try to make abortion easier to accept,” she added.

Rose said she anticipates that “Planned Parenthood will respond as it usually does by denying the findings of this investigation.”

“That’s why I encourage media outlets to contact any of the 68 centers that Live Action did – or any others – and ask them if they offer ultrasounds to check the baby’s health if a mother wants to carry her baby to term,” Rose said. “The media will find results similar to ours.”

A spokesperson for Planned Parenthood did not immediately return TheBlaze’s request for comment.

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January 31st, 2017 by Staff Writer

When details were sketchy Sunday night about the deadly mosque shooting in Quebec, Canada, a self-described journalist who indicates he’s a Columbia School of Journalism student sent out the following tweet:

Too early to know if #Quebec mosque shooting was perpetrated by right-wing extremists. If it was, then this is result of Trump rhetoric.

— Conor McCormick (@ConorMichael28) January 30, 2017

“Too early to know if Quebec mosque shooting was perpetrated by right-wing extremists,” Conor McCorkmick tweeted. “If it was, then this is result of Trump rhetoric.”

McCormick also indicates on his Twitter profile that he formerly worked in Tunisia for Middle East Eye, The New Arab and Al-Monitor. A photograph of what appears to be Arabic writing serves as his Twitter background image.

After McCormick posted his tweet, he took heat from those who said his words were irresponsible:

@ConorMichael28 then don’t allude to it. You don’t have to tweet before the facts are in. The public distrusts us enough, this doesn’t help.

— Nate Benson (@natebenson) January 30, 2017

@teyegirlily @ConorMichael28 Typical lying leftist, doing his utmost to perpetrate _FAKE NEWS_. No remorse, because they’re _shameless_!

— Christopher G. Adamo (@CGAdamo) January 30, 2017

@ConorMichael28 easy to blame Trump rhetoric, not internal Canadian hate-rhetoric? “Report news first, ask questions later”

— Seth Frantzman (@sfrantzman) January 30, 2017

But late Monday afternoon, USA Today reported that a man known to express anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim sentiments on social media was arraigned in the deaths of six people and wounding of 17 others at the Quebec City mosque.

Police identified the suspect as 27-year-old Alexandre Bissonnette, who faces six charges of first-degree murder, USA Today added, citing court documents. A second man initially in custody was released Monday and characterized as a witness, the paper said.

An activist group Bienvenue aux Refugies (Welcome for Refugees) said Bissonnette is known for supporting French National Front leader Marine Le Pen, an anti-immigrant politician running in France’s presidential election this spring, USA Today added.

And now McCormick appears to be gloating on his Twitter feed:

This tweet got a ton of attention last night. For some reason, Trump supporters are no longer trolling. Maybe becuz shooter wasn’t Muslim…

— Conor McCormick (@ConorMichael28) January 30, 2017

Trump supporters last night: It was a Muslim! Get them outta here!
Trump supporters today: *crickets*#Quebec

— Conor McCormick (@ConorMichael28) January 30, 2017

Here’s a source Trump supporters can trust. Can’t accuse this of being “fakenews.”

— Conor McCormick (@ConorMichael28) January 30, 2017

Curious to know how many Trump supporters actually have Muslim friends. If they met some Muslims, I imagine they would change their opinions

— Conor McCormick (@ConorMichael28) January 30, 2017

The biggest problem with Trump is that he has made bigotry and outright racism seem acceptable to American masses.

— Conor McCormick (@ConorMichael28) January 30, 2017

Trump’s Muslim ban is a gift for extremists worldwide.

— Conor McCormick (@ConorMichael28) January 30, 2017

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard both characterized the attack as a terrorist act, which came amid heightened tensions worldwide over President Donald Trump’s travel ban on several Muslim countries.

Couillard said he would “not go there” when asked if he blamed rhetoric in in the U.S.

Trudeau said in Parliament the victims were targeted simply because of their religion and spoke to directly to the more than 1 million Muslims who live in Canada, saying, “We are with you.”

Trump called Trudeau to express condolences to the Canadian people and to offer any assistance that might be needed, Trudeau’s office said.

The victims were fathers, businessmen, a university professor and others who had gathered for evening prayers and were shot in the back, said Mohamed Labidi, the vice-president of the where the attack happened.

“‘It’s a very, very big tragedy for us,” Labidi said through tears. “We have a sadness we cannot express.”

In the summer of 2016 a pig’s head was left on the doorstep of the Quebec Islamic Cultural Centre in the middle of Ramadan, when Muslims fast from dawn to sunset. Practicing Muslims do not eat pork.

Trudeau had earlier reacted to Trump’s visa ban for people from some Muslim-majority countries by tweeting Saturday: “To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength #WelcomeToCanada.”

The Associated Press contributed to this story.

(H/T: Young Conservatives)

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January 28th, 2017 by Staff Writer

Fox News host Jesse Watters confronted Rep. John Lewis (R-Ga.) Friday over the claim he made earlier this month that President Donald Trump was not legitimately elected.

Watters introduced himself and the two shook hands, but Lewis made it clear early on in the exchange that he was running “very late” and wasn’t able to talk. Watters, though, promised to “make it quick” and continued with his first question.

“You said that Trump is an illegitimate president. Do you regret that?” Watters asked.

But the Georgia Democrat kept walking and looking straight ahead as if Watters wasn’t even there.

“That’s a pretty divisive thing to say, wouldn’t you agree?” Watters tried again.

Lewis was not having it. At one point, another man who appeared to be part of Lewis’ staff even stepped in front of the TV camera.

“Congressman? Don’t you think you owe a little respect to the office?” Watters asked a final time.

Lewis said during an interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press” earlier this month that he doesn’t think Trump was elected legitimately.

“I believe in forgiveness. I believe in trying to work with people. It’s going to be hard. It’s going to be very difficult. I don’t see this president-elect as a legitimate president,” Lewis said.

“I think the Russians participated in helping this man get elected and they helped destroy the candidacy of Hillary Clinton,” Lewis added.

Lewis was one of around 50 congressional who did not attend Trump’s inauguration. Lewis initially claimed it would be the first presidential inauguration he’d skipped since being elected to Congress. However, according to a 2001 Washington Post report, Lewis not only skipped the inauguration of the last Republican president, George W. Bush, but Lewis questioned whether Bush was legitimately elected as well.

“He [Lewis] thought it would be hypocritical to attend Bush’s swearing-in because he doesn’t believe Bush is the true elected president,” the Post article, published the day after Bush’s inauguration, read.

Like Trump, Bush was elected to the presidency after winning the electoral vote but losing the popular vote. They are two of only four presidents in American history to take office without winning the popular majority.

Before 2000, you would have go all the way back to 1888 for an instance where the president did not win both the electoral vote and the popular vote, the Los Angeles Times reported.

That’s when Benjamin Harrison was elected commander-in-chief, even though Grover Cleveland won the popular vote. And in 1876, Rutherford B. Hayes lost the popular vote to Samuel Tilden. Hayes took office the following year as the result of the deal now known as the Compromise of 1877.

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January 23rd, 2017 by Staff Writer

Hundreds of thousands of women marched in the streets of Washington D.C., on Saturday in an event dubbed “The Women’s March on Washington.” Millions more marched in other major cities in the U.S. and across the world in solidarity.

The event was marketed at an event protesting President Donald Trump while advocating for equal rights for all women.

However, the group who organized the march found themselves in controversy over recent weeks after pro-life groups were not allowed to march with the rest of the women. Pro-lifers argued that the event was not about celebrating women or advocating women’s rights at all. Instead, they said the event was organized only to push progressive values — including abortion.

Marchers’ attitude toward pro-lifers on Saturday during the march further proved that the event was not at all about celebrating the rights of all women — including unborn babies.

But if you saw the promo video for the march, you wouldn’t know that.

In a promo video posted to the Women’s March Facebook page last week, titled, “#WhyIMarch,” women explained the reasons they were marching on Saturday.

“Because I want to feel safe at school,” one girl explains.

“Because I’m a feminist,” adds a man.

“Because my life matters,” says another woman.

Then the glaring hypocrisy of the entire event is revealed when one of the women featured in the video points to her pregnant belly, which holds her unborn daughter, to proclaim that the unborn child’s life matters, too.

But remember? The event banished pro-life groups from marching and only accepted pro-abortion groups, yet they claim in their video promoting their event that unborn lives matter. The hypocrisy couldn’t be more glaring.

Watch the women’s march Facebook video below. The hypocrisy is featured around the 11 second mark:

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