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July 16th, 2017 by Staff Writer

Radical environmental group Negative Population Growth awarded three college students with cash prizes for promoting ideas NPG says are necessary to combat environmental concerns such as global warming.

On Tuesday, NPG announced three college students had won the organization’s national essay contest: Joseph Wagner, a student at Gonzaga University, Caitlin Stock, a student at Brigham Young University, and Grant Kleiman, who attends Southwest Minnesota State University. Wagner received a cash prize of $2,000 and Stock and Kleiman received $1,000 each.

According to NPG, “thousands” of essays were submitted by high school seniors and college students in the contest, which asked students “to provide NPG with a three- to five-point plan to educate these freshmen legislators about the sources of U.S. population growth, as well as policy suggestions to slow, halt, and eventually reverse our growth in order to preserve America’s environment, economy, natural resources, and quality of life.”

The winning essays offer a glimpse into radical environmentalists’ plans to control population, some of which are rather disturbing.

Wagner suggests, among other things, the United States implement a “family-focused incentivized tax policy” that rewards people for having fewer children and punishes large families.

“Instead of rewarding families per child as the current tax system does, we must reward smaller families that have two children or fewer,” Wagner wrote. “This will more accurately equate the effect of having children on the health of our planet and our country’s finite resources.”

Wagner also calls for securing the U.S. border to stop population growth in the United States and revising the U.S. education system “so that it teaches reproductive education alongside environmental classes that … focus on the impacts a new human life has on the Earth.”

Stock also advocates for stricter immigration enforcement, including “streamlined” deportations, greater border security, ending immigrants’ ability to appeal a court’s deportation order, and preventing babies born to illegal immigrants from attaining citizenship.

Stock says increased funding for “family planning” programs is essential and that “the two-child family size must be advocated.”

“Families that have more than two children should not receive tax benefits or government assistance for the third child, the fourth child, and so on,” Stock wrote. “Government assistance programs should reorganize their focus to prioritize small families over large families.”

Kleiman argues for essentially the same policies as Wagner and Stock and emphasizes the importance of reducing illegal immigration “to near zero.”

“We’re at a crossroads that will determine the future of our nation,” Kleiman wrote. “One path leads to more people, more crowded cities, roads and schools, and more demands on resources, including food, water and energy. The other path leads to reducing population growth, protecting resources from overuse and creating a sustainable place to call home for generations to come.”

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July 14th, 2017 by Staff Writer

Former Vice President Al Gore said that the fight against global warming was just like the great moral causes in history, like abolishing slavery or the civil rights crusade of the 1960s. He made the comments in a speech at the EcoCity World Summit in Melbourne, Australia.

“The climate movement,” Gore said towards the end of his remarks, “is right now in the tradition of all the great moral causes that have improved the circumstances of humanity throughout our history. The abolition of slavery. Women’s suffrage and women’s rights.”

“The civil rights movement and the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa,” he continued. “The late Nelson Mandela said it was always impossible until it was done. The movement to stop the toxic phase of the nuclear arms race and more recently the gay rights movement.”

“Some of you may disagree with that. I don’t,” he said. “I did earlier in my life.”

“But all of these movements have one thing in common,” he explained. “They all have met with ferocious resistance and have generated occasional feelings of despair from those who knew the right direction and wondered whether we could ever get there.”

Gore also obliquely mentioned President Donald Trump during his speech. Trump has been a vehement critic of the global warming narrative, and at one point said it was a conspiracy created by China to undermine the United States.

“We are changing rapidly no matter what the person in the White House says,” Gore charged.

“This is a statement from Goldman Sachs,” he quoted, “The prices for batteries and solar panels will continue to drop. That will drive this transition regardless of who’s in the White House.”

“Can you imagine what I feel (about Trump?),” he added.

President Trump rescinded the United States’ commitment to the Paris Climate Treaty in June despite objections by Democrats and liberals like former Secretary of State John Kerry who called his action shameful.

Gore is promoting a sequel to his 2006 documentary An Inconvenient Truth about the theory of climate change and the threat it might pose to future generations.

While in Australia promoting his upcoming documentary on climate change, An Inconvenient Sequel: Speaking Truth to Power, a follow-up to his 2006 documentary An Inconvenient Truth, former vice president Al Gore sat down with Studio 10 and spoke briefly about President Trumps announcement that the United States would be pulling out of the Paris Agreement.

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